Entertaining but not frivolous.
Political but not preachy.
Sophisticated but not alienating.

And presented like no other film you've ever seen - completely unique!

The time has come for a satirical take on what it means to be South African, and what it's like to live in a society of constant flux, forever juggling the morals and ideals you were handed growing up, with the reality of day-to-day life as a (Gau)Tenger.

Tengers is South Africa’s first animated feature film and is a dark social satire set in a contemporary South African context.

"One of the best and most relevant South African movies in a very long time... Tengers is a local movie that deserves our support because it is a pretty darned good one."

- SA Movie Mag

"One of those local films you should see, but not out of some sense of patriotic duty but because you'll laugh out loud a lot."

- SL Magazine

"Darkly comic, then tragic and finally moving... A unique film."

- Mail & Guardian

"One of the best South African movies of the past decade."

- Empire Magazine

"Brilliantly dark comedy... both sharply satirical and compassionate."

- Festival Daily, UK



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